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Moving to the Cloud

Xero Practice Manager

Implementation and Training

Decided to move to Xero Practice Manager, why not get the team at Turnaton to give you a hand. Our Director Trevor Schoenmaekers was Australia’s first Xero Partner and helped Xero develop Workflow Max into a Practice Management Solution. He implemented cloud based systems into his accounting firm achieving instant efficiencies and cost savings.

- Implemenation 

- Client Data 

- WIP and Debtors 

- Training 


Xero Practice Manager

Monthly Consulting

Now you have moved to Xero Practice Manager its important your team has the support that it needs to keep on working and getting the results you need. We have developed a monthly consulting program where we help with

- Managing Workflow

- Reporting 

- Training 

- Changes and change management.

Firms that work with us have less impact on the business, in fact we have seen firms improve production, sales and KPI's.


Modern Practice Transformation

Change Management

Now you have started the process of moving your business to the cloud you will begin to see the many benefits your business will start to receive, reduced costs, efficiencies, mobility, integration, and flexibility are just a few.  
There are a lot of options and solutions in the market and the difficulty is identify which best suit your business, your team, and your clients.  
You also have a new Practice Management System that you and your team will require assistance to change processes and systems to understand and take advantage of the benefits available from XPM.  
Most importantly it takes time let the things settle in and completely embrace the new systems that are being implemented.  
Let us help you transform your Practice in a Modern Practice, by developing a tailored 6-month program and plan to identify and implement new systems and help your team manage the change

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